Energy Management

In these trying economic times, efforts at environmental responsibility and sustainability are under greater scrutiny than ever before.

In the face of increasing energy costs and market volatility:

  • Are you managing energy with the same expertise and diligence you apply to other parts of your business?
  • Do you know what your energy costs are and understand what parts of your operations are the top energy consumers?
  • Can you compare energy usage and costs across your locations and operations in real-time?

Most companies cannot, and even fewer have the real-time information they need to develop and drive a regimented approach to understanding and managing energy consumption.

RTS Consulting serves organizations in developing sustainable green strategies, which foster a competitive and profitable business advantage. We work with our clients, putting forward best practices and evolving an “Energy Plan” that works within their manufacturing environment, to look at “energy as a raw material”.

RTS Consulting is SAP’s Co-Innovation Partner for Energy Management and an SAP Pinnacle Award Finalist in the Category of Sustainability. We have extended the functionality of SAP MII to the Energy Management environment.

The RTS Energy Management Information System (RTS EMIS) based on SAP MIIis the ONLY SAP® CERTIFIED Energy Solution that provides a holistic energy management system tightly integrated with the business system. It provides key real-time, actionable information about energy use and costs that can be used to drive strategic decisions that increase efficiency, decrease environmental impacts, and lower energy costs.  It also provides the platform for meeting future initiatives and standards such as ISO 50001, “Save Energy Now” and “Superior Energy Performance”.

According to the ISO, effective energy management in industry offers great potential for improvement, with expected long-term efficiency increases of 20 % or more.”
McKane, et al, 2007, UNIDO publication, Policies for Promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries and Transitional Economies; v. 08-52434- April 2008.

DeBeers was one of the first customers to implement this solution, deployable in only 12 weeks, generating immediate savings and < 1 year ROI.

There are many energy management drivers such as; government-mandated carbon tracking, ISO 50001 certification, industry supplier sustainability surveys, and consumer trends, all of which reinforce the need to have an energy management program in place today. RTS addresses these challenges for companies and institutions by providing a holistic energy management solution running on SAP MII, to Reduce Energy Consumption, Improve Efficiencies, and Reduce Cost.