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Hitachi Consulting have formed a strategic partnership with RTS Consulting to extend their Energy Performance Service offering, which is focused on assisting clients in reducing energy consumption, costs and environmental impact for their operations. The combined offering will provide a holistic approach to identify energy reduction opportunities, formulate an effective on-going strategy and capitalize on the latest energy management technologies. The joint offering will leverage the RTS Energy Management Information System (RTS EMIS, enabling real-time Energy Intelligence for your manufacturing operations to proactively track and reduce energy consumption.

“We are truly excited about our strategic relationship with RTS Consulting and the ability to offer end-to-end energy management services for our clients.” said Jeff Hornibrook, Vice President Process Manufacturing, “This is a great example of how Hitachi Consulting is leading the way to help our clients drive their Sustainability agenda, while at the same time making a significant impact to their bottom line and overall profitability.”

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 We are pleased to announce that RTS Consulting - Automation has achieved the next program level in the SAP PartnerEdge Program, and has now become a "Silver"  Partner within the Partner Type of "Software Solution and Technology Partner" due to our successful efforts with SAP practices.

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This global and integrated solution is designed to increase customer satisfaction with automatic collection of real-time quality and production information to prevent quality issues before they occur, while supporting quality continuous improvement through standard and custom reports that enhance effective quality analysis and problem resolution.

It ties quality “best-in-class” performance to organization’s corporate reputation, while saving cost due to the reduced level of scrap, rework, reevaluation and expenditures.

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On Friday June 22nd 2012 SAP and Mondial will host an Energy Management event, including guest speakers Brian A Statham, Chairman of SANEA (South African National Energy Association) and World Energy Council (WEC) Member and Greg Seymour, Independent Energy Management Expert, who will explain how the RTS Energy Management Information System can unlock the power to add real-time and integrated value to organisations.

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Join the experts in energy management in this webcast: Garrett Forsythe (Global Solutions Architect for Sustainable Operations, DuPont), Victor Briccardi (President and Founder, RTS Consulting) and Stephen Bogart (Partner, Compliance and Sustainability Leader, CSC).

We'll show you how production level energy management can help you to achieve 5-15% savings of energy cost. At an enterprise level, energy management can drive real energy efficiency by establishing realistic performance targets and the ability to act upon information in real time.

During this live webcast, you'll learn:

  • How to build a sustainable energy management system that provides significant, predictable cost savings.
  • How getting a real-time view of enterprise-wide energy usage can result in lower production costs, reduced utility rates and more efficient use of production assets.
  • How Energy Management can significantly lower the cost and effort of sustainability reporting and deliver an attractive ROI.

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